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Ceremonial Cacao - Ritual grade

Ceremonial grade Cacao is a great gateway to pleasurable self-care, mornings full of tastiness and self-observation (what is it I want from the Cacao?). Ritual Cacao is extensively used during ceremonies (every day ones and those more special).
PlusCacao Team suggests that you invite a lot of fun, music, rhythm and Cacao into your life to discover that taking care of your body, mind and soul doesn’t have to be boring and dull!
We celebrate every day, because it’s simply worth it!

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Ceremonial Cacao will make your taste buds dance samba, rumba and cha-cha!
It’s not just another drink: it’s an experience of each sense. You will feel the Cacao in each molecule of your body and, if you focus deeply, also in your soul.
Cacao offers you the pleasure of self-care, new way of mindfulness in your daily life and most importantly: fun in everyday life!
Let’s celebrate it with a smile over a cup of Ritual Cacao!