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Ceremonial grade cacao is regarded as a heart opening plant based formulation that is extremely beneficial when it comes to a spiritual awakening and expanding consciousness. Raw cacao is extensively used during sacred ceremonies, where you set an intention and let the cacao spirit guide you towards the desired objective. During such gatherings you can unlock happiness, joy and euphoria when at the same time you get rid of negative emotions and transform them into positive feelings, and most importantly, you connect with inner beauty and learn to love thyself. Plus Cacao team offers you pure ceremonial cacao for such events.

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Ceremonial grade cacao products

  • Gorilla Cacao from Sierra Leone (Criollo) – the Gorilla Cacao has originated from the African rainforest, namely Sierra Leone. These areas have been home to the Mende and Temne tribes for millennia. This is a pure cacao, crafted through a slow grinding process involving roasted and fermented cacao beans. This method helps preserve all minerals and antioxidant properties in the final product. This ritual cacao is sourced from small farms located amidst pristine regional forest location. Extensive precautions are observed to ensure that the final product is natural, environment-friendly, and sustainable. All cacao origins belong to the Fairtrade market.
  • Classic Cacao From Peru (Criollo) – one of the regions where Cacao Criollo is grown is Peru, from where the classic ceremonial cacao originates. The cocoa beans are hand-picked by local farmers. Individually imported cocoa varies from the cacao goods available in the European market. In such a situation, we are pleased to introduce a product that has been processed lightly to retain the inherent attributes of cacao. Ceremonial cacao is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and many other minerals. Raw Cacao is beneficial for the human body in a variety of ways. It’s great for skin, heart, brain, and stomach health, as well as boosting energy, fighting depression, and aiding weight reduction. Peruvian Classic Cacao has a delicate taste and rich aroma, but we infuse it with theobromine and other alkaloids that may trigger slight psychedelic effects on consumption. This particular cacao is beneficial for improving the focus to help boost your creativity. This is the reason that the cacao is recommended for usage during the ceremonial cacao events. Ritual cacao ceremony offers an incredible opportunity to ensure holistic work on body, mind, and soul. It can either be a traditional practice or a shamanic journey, depending on the cacao ceremony master. These healing cacao ceremonies aim to restore health by restoring the body’s energy. Cacao will not cause you to have hallucinations or give you an out-of-body psychedelic experience. Ceremonial grade cacao, on the other hand, is utilized to softly touch your heart and take you on an inner trip deep into your body’s emotional centre. With Plus Cacao‘s pure cacao, you are assured of getting top-quality raw cacao for these ceremonies.