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Ceramic Cacao Cup


Ceramic Cacao Cup

Before you is an exceptional object. Fired with the Flame of Passion!

This Cacao Cup is for you! So that every moment of pause, breath, and celebration with Cacao can become even more beautiful.

Now, think about what you’re nourishing yourself with. What do you want to gift yourself today? Because every Cup is filled with a different attribute: Joy, Balance, Abundance… I wonder what you will invite into yourself?

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Cacao Cup – handcrafted by Ceramika Zapiecek for all Cacao Enthusiasts. This unique masterpiece was born from passion and intention, to add color and flavor to everyday life. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, like fragments of a Cacao itself that start living their own life in the hands that hold them.

Every morning, as you embrace this Cup, you’ll feel how the world around becomes fuller, more colorful, and vibrant. It’s your invitation to celebrate even the smallest everyday triumphs and moments of joy.

The Cup is beautifully packaged, like a true treasure, with a little surprise hidden inside. It’s a symbol of appreciating the little things, as well as your own worth and the act of giving yourself something special.

Choose from four available colors: radiant red, blissful blue, lush green, and fascinating purple, with a sun-yellow interior that radiates warmth and joy – like a sunbeam that will energize you every day.

On the outer side of the Cup, there’s an emblem of the Cacao fruit and flower, reminding us of the extraordinary connection between Nature, our lives, and pure pleasure.

Give yourself a truly unique gift that will inspire you every day and add a touch of magic to your everyday life.

Celebrate your moments with the Cacao Cup! ✨

Capacity: 200ml

Color may slightly differ from the one in the picture.


Radiant Red, Blissful Blue, Lush Green, Fascinating Purple


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