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Lion’s Claw Cacao from Congo Ceremonial Grade 100% Organic Trinitario: 200g/ 0,5kg/ 1kg

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Place of origin: region situated between the Rwenzori mountains and Virunga National Park in Congo
Learn more about the Cacao from Congo >>> HERE

Get ready for a wild flavor ride with our Congo-born Lion’s Claw Cacao! It’s like sipping on liquid sunshine with a mysterious twist—imagine the Lion’s King music playing in the background as the sunrise unveils a flavor jungle.

Lion’s Claw is a mix of bold bitterness and a hint of zesty acidity. Each sip drops a fruity bomb on your taste buds, thanks to the secret recipe from Congo’s rich soil and climate. It’s like a flavor dance party in your mouth!

Now, here’s the scoop on how they do it: picture wooden fermentation boxes full of Cacao beans covered with banana leaves—yeah, it’s a real game-changer! This process adds a kick of unique flavor that’s as mysterious as a hidden treasure.

The Lion’s Claw beans hail from the region situated between the Rwenzori mountains and Virunga National Park, starring the Trinitario variety.

Ready for a taste of the jungle? Dive into the Ceremonial Cacao, groove with the pure Cacao vibes, and join the flavor ritual with Lion’s Claw. It’s like a taste safari that transports you to Congo’s vibrant landscapes, all with a lion’s roar and the beats of the Lion’s King. Nature’s craziest symphony in a cup!

Get a load of the Lion’s Claw—flavor explosion, jungle party, and a big, warm hug from the heart of Congo!


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Weight 0,5 kg

200g, 0,5kg, 1kg

3 reviews for Lion’s Claw Cacao from Congo Ceremonial Grade 100% Organic Trinitario: 200g/ 0,5kg/ 1kg

  1. Darleen Klug (verified owner)

    Probably my favourite to this day! Quite soft but incredible flavours.

  2. LISA MARIE WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Plus Cacao popped up when I was browsing for a change in supplier, and, I am so glad that I did because when I tried this Lions Claw I have been hooked ever since. The smell and taste of this cacao literally, does take me to another place of joy entirely. Dark, thick and intense yet not overpowering at all, I keep meaning to try the others but always come back to ordering more of the Lions Claw.

  3. Massimiliano

    Beautiful Lions Claw Cocao. My first time ordering from PlusCocao. The whole experience and service has been amazing thank you. I received my beautiful Lions Claw Cocao its so nice the way its presented I received a lovely card, the cocao is in a lovely ethical pachaging, the cocao is magical and tastes amazing. I feel so blessed to receive and taste such beautiful cocao. I highly recommend you buying from PlusCocao genuine honest, beautiful tasting cocao. Thank you PluscCocao, I look forward to my next order soon.

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