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Bonding power of +Cacao

Hi there Cacao Lover!

The story behind PlusCacao lies a bit further back in the past than we started being a couple. We can even say that the Cacao brought us together 🙂

Konrad is a musician and he was looking for something to offer people alongside with his music. Luckily, some friends invited him fto a Cacao Ceremony and there it was. The Cacao Spirit won his heart! From that moment Konrad was creating events with a live music and Cacao, sharing a joy of singing together, meditating, chatting with people.  He decided to open an online store to offer the Cacao to even more people. And there is where I appear!

When we met and I found out that Konrad is working with a Ceremonial Cacao I offer my help with designing stickers and logo, taking pictures and creating engaging posts on FB. This is a beautiful example of male-female cooperation: I give my creativity and sense of taste, Konrad takes care of all technical stuff, finances and all that needs focus and concentration.

Each day we discover a new potential that Cacao brings to our life: I’ve learned the online marketing, a bit of food photography. We both discover the details of growing a stable and strong business, which is (tbf) more like a lifestyle, path and passion! Moreover, we are a great music lovers and this is our main point: to connect Cacao and music and use this fusion to help people discover their true potentials. We do it during our Cacao Ceremonies/Meetings. We have a songbook ready for everyone in the circle, so they can join and sing along.

I hope soon we’ll be pleased to present you our recordings from the project Musandera (Soundcloud user brace yourself!) 🙂

It’s lovely to meet you!
Justyna & Konrad


Arch Cacao Lover
Content Creator
Harry Potter Fan


Head of Fun Department


Grand Cacao Enthusiast
Voice of Reason
Lead Guitar

Iks, Huni & Bodzio

Emotional and Phisical Support Team

I would highly highly recommend Plus Cacao. I ordered their Peruvian Cacao for a womb healing ceremony held in Yorkshire. The package was delivered with a beautiful energy emanating and compared to other Cacao I have worked with this is definitely the best. Made it with Almond milk, chai, turmeric, cinnamon, maple syrup and nutmeg. All the ladies really loved it and everyone was able to release deeply during the ceremony. I have continued to work with it myself and I am extremely pleased, so so grateful 🙏 such a beautiful medicine and J & K were so lovely 😊 Thank you much love to you!

Our Cacao is hand-packed
and loaded with good vibes!