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[If you’re not so much into reading, just scroll down for the juicy details]

Dig chocolate but not the regular run-of-the-mill vibe? Or are you all about supporting the local chocolate wizards and their passion for crafting magic? If you’re vibing with either (or both), you’ve just hit the sweet spot to let your taste buds groove like it’s a John Travolta moment in Pulp Fiction!

Chocoboro is tailor-made for taste adventurers like YOU! This ain’t your grandma’s chocolate – it’s the Cacao boogie in every square. Every nibble is like a flavor explosion, just like a cosmic burst!

Allow me to unveil: it’s 85% chocolate, dark enough to match the tears of Lord Vader.

But hold up, there’s a twist in this luscious tale. Did you see that coming?

Chocoboro is a whole different rhythm from the mass production scene. Each batch rocks only 40 bars, born from a mix of different Cocoa types, freeze-dried fruits, nuts, and whatever else sparks our creative fire at the moment. It’s like chocolate snowflakes: NEVER does it drop the same way twice.


How can we be so sure?

Because every batch:

• hits the scene with a different Cacao variety, curated for flavor and aromatic vibes

• wraps it up with a wild mix of fruits, nuts, or whatever else is in our flavor arsenal

• gets cut from hefty blocks, each time with a different groove (!!!) or molded from funky forms – you’ll never know what you’ll score!

• gets sweetened with a dash of something new: brown sugar, erythritol, coconut sugar – we keep it spicy!

But one thing’s for sure: Chocoboro is 85% dark chocolate, born out of a love for all things tasty and delightful.

Ready to treat yourself to 100g of Cacao craziness?

Peep the flavor lineup this time and pick your flavor groove!

[Juicy Details]

↠ Chocoboro Chocolate: 100g slab at a cool 5£ (shipping’s on the housefor orders abowe 14£)

↠ the funky toppings: freeze-dried raspberry, blackcurrant, pear, orange, apple, dried banana, hazelnuts, Cacao nibs

↠ these days, we’re sweetening the deal with coconut sugar

↠ every slab gets the VIP treatment – hand-cut, weighed, and decked out in eco-friendly bags

Let us know how much the Chocoboro magic hit the spot!

Got a wild idea for a new flavor? Lay it on us – we’re all ears!

*if you stumble upon two identical Chocoboro, we’re throwing in 10 in a slick gift box, just for kicks!
** each batch comes to life in a burst of creativity; you’ll never know what’s in store: solo flavors? A fruit fiesta? Bar or block? It’s all in the mystery ❤