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CHOCOBORO homemade chocolate bar made from Ceremonial Grade Cacao


As a gift. Post-workout snack. A healthy bite while cooking dinner. The perfect companion for women during “those” days.

Chocoboro is chocolate created out of love for the pleasure of eating and for the health of the whole body! It is a pleasure that has no end, because the bar may end, but its benefits will stay with you forever!

Will you treat yourself to a huge piece of pleasure?

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Chocoboro – Yummy. Splendid. Awesome. || 85% dark chocolate = bitter as Lord Vader’s tears || 100g || with brown sugar (this time)

It’s a homemade chocolate, made with the Ceremonial Cacao from Sao Tome! Each bar is special, loaded with good music, funky vibes and best quality dried fruits&nuts. Wanna some?

100g “bar/piece” handpacked and send especially for your pleasure! Perfect for the moontime ladies!

Each batch (20-30bars):
– it is made of a different type of Cacao, or a mixture of them, created with attention to taste and aroma
– it’s topped with a variety of combinations of fruit, nuts or other toppings
– cut from large blocks, each time it has a different shape (!!!)
– sweetened with another addition: brown sugar, xylitol, coconut sugar

Check what flavors are available this time and choose something for yourself! Take your chances and choose the “destiny” option (for The Witcher fans!)

Bon Appetit!

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Dancing Raspberry, Singing Strawberry, Happy Banana, Nuts&Orange, Destiny (fruit&nut mix)


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