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Different Pure Cacao Varieties

Meet our +Cacao residents through the world of pleasure.

Since you are here, it means that you want to explore more of the world of +Cacao. Wonderfully! So let me take you on a journey through various corners of the Earth, through various flavors, smells and the meanders of your tastes and preferences! Ready? So close your eyes (mentally, in trust) and let yourself be guided…

Pure Cacao Peru

You are standing on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. Even though the sun is behind the clouds, you feel its strenght. You feel it on your skin. The air is humid and it looks like it’s about to rain. Birds circling high in the sky. In the forest, different animals talk to each other, and you know that when darkness falls, the toads and frogs will start their amazing concert. The smell of wet earth fills your nostrils. You recently enjoyed freshly plucked coconut water… All that surrounds you is the house of Classic.

Classic Cacao is the quintessence of good taste: it is expressive, deep, with tart notes. After preparation, it has a silky texture. When I open the package with the Classic, I can smell the coconut.
Many people prefer this Cacao for meetings or ceremonies. It is creamier and has a stronger flavor and higher acidity than, for example, our Gorilla or Mystic.
Choose Classic, and it will surely tell you many stories from the history of Mesoamerica!


Pure Cacao Venezuela

Venezuelan Mystic Cacao Criollo Trinitario - 200g/ 0,5kg/ 1kg

You feel the delicate wet mist on your face, your ears are filled with the sound of falling water, and in front of your eyes you have the highest waterfall in the world! You breathe deeply, you can scream as much as you want (no one hears anyway) and you feel that you are witnessing something amazing. Welcome to the land of Mystic!

Mystic is Cacao for connoisseurs: the combination of a deep, bitter taste and fruity notes makes it a unique experience for the palate. Thanks to the low acidity, we can easily find depth in the aroma and consistency of Mystic. Enthusiasts of this Cacao say that notes of vanilla, caramel and honey are noticeable in it.
Mystic is available in the form of convenient wafers that melt easily in a water bath and can be easily blended. They are also ideal as a snack.
The Mystic will take you to mysterious regions full of magic and awesomeness.

African Pure Cacao:
Sierra Leone

You feel a shiver of excitement running down your spine at the thought of being in the land of the Lion Mountains! You feel the delicate golden sand of the beaches under your feet, the breeze and strong sun on your face. When you concentrate, you can hear the chimpanzees bantering to each other. And although this is not its natural habitat, it will surely lead you along paths among its forest brothers… None other than Gorilla!

Gorilla Cacao has an intense flavor and a nutty finish, and also impresses with its texture. After preparation, it is “grainy” (unless you keep it “on fire” longer and evaporate the liquid), and each such Cacao molecule will explode with flavor again and again as it hits your taste buds. Gorilla has a lot of fun and can be fictitious, I recommend it for evenings with music, dancing and singing. He will definitely like the sound of the drums!
Grab the Gorilla’s hand and let its rhythm take you away!

gorilla2 (2)

African Pure Cacao: Congo

Lion's Claw Cacao from Congo Ceremonial Grade 100% Organic Trinitario: 200g/ 0,5kg/ 1kg

You are sailing a boat on a river that carries more water than any other in Africa. The sun slowly sets, and you watch the play of lights and colors on the gently disturbed surface of the water. The lush greenery of trees and other plants is watching you from the shore. “Nature is looking at you,” says your guide, a boy called Lion’s Claw.

Lion’s Claw from D.R. Kongo carries the spirit of this land: filled with the sun and the closeness of wild nature. The bitter taste combined with delicate acidity gives a captivating effect. The fragrance has a delicate fruity note. The high quality of this type of African True Cacao is definitely influenced by the fertile soil and climate of Congo. Cacao farmers use fermentation in tall wooden boxes into which they put banana leaves. This method of bean refinement enriches their taste and aroma, and also affects their delicacy.

Lion’s Claw has a child’s joy and a lot of sun. I recommend it for long December evenings!

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African Pure Cacao:
São Tomé (and Principe)

You climb higher and higher. You are surrounded by tall trees and grass taller than you! Orchids, buddings and other unknown species of flowers are blooming around. You feel cold because the sun is high above the treetops. Still, you keep walking up the “stairs” of tree roots. You finally reach the top of the highest mountain in Sao Tome. And the view takes your breath away…

São Tomé and Príncipe Cacao Criollo Forastero - 200g/ 0,5kg/ 1kg

At first glance, you might think it’s Gorilla’s twin brother. After all, also from Africa! But don’t be fooled!

Cacao São Tomé (from São Tomé) surprises at first sight. It is delicate in taste: sweet, sometimes floral. The aroma tempts with the subtle sweetness of fresh fruit. In its aroma you can feel the sun and the tropical climate of the place where it matured. It is ideal for the first contact with Ceremonial Cacao – its finish is mild and does not leave a acid aftertaste. Perfect for children (after adding a teaspoon of honey).
Despite its mild taste, smell and even bright appearance (!) it is still strong in action,
which confirms the saying that there is strength in gentleness!
The main component of São Tomé cocoa is the Forastero seed. Ripening on volcanic soil, abundantly watered with “rainwater”, the aroma of Cacao is extremely rich and the taste sensations are unforgettable. After the first cup, you will want to laugh with joy, we guarantee!
An interesting fact is that São Tomé, or São Tomé (and Principe) used to be called chocolate islands.
We already know that they deserve this name. Find out about it on your own palate?

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If you are still wondering which Ceremonial Cacao to choose, check out this short quiz and find out who you should invite to your home: Classic, Mystic, or maybe Sao Tome?

Ceremonial Cacao PRO-TIP (which will change your life)!!!

Each type of Cacao, when prepared with the right attitude and intention, allows you to look inside yourself, go deeper into meditation or contemplation. It stimulates and at the same time allows you to calm your mind and synchronize with your body. YOU set the direction, and Cacao “blows in your sails” 🙂