Plus Cacao

Cacao - delicious coffee alternative

Sacred by the Aztecs and rediscovered for today, Theobroma Cacao is the superfood, that stands as a delicious organic coffee alternative. Produced from the finest fair trade cacao beans – dried in the sun, ground in the low temperature (to preserve all good).

Unlike coffee, Cacao is 99% caffeine free. It’s filled with theobromine instead.

﹡Theobromine is a stimulant (as caffeine), but it brings a longer lasting, more stable energy. It doesn’t affect a central nervous system and therefore it won’t make you feel like having a heart attack.
﹡Theobromine is non-addictive. It helps you to stay focused and gives you a green light for a good night’s sleep.
﹡Theobromine can be found in Cacao and some of the tea plants. Cacao is a great source of this naturally occurring stimulant.

When scientists came up with the name for the new plant, they called it Theobroma Cacao which means “Food of the Gods”.

Recent studies have shown the potential of theobromine, which may act as antitumoral, anti-inflammatory or cardiovascular protector molecule without the undesirable side effects. That is a great source of pure energy boost
that will keep you feeling great from down to dusk.

So grab your mug with warm Cacao and down it!

Here's an easy-peasy 6-step guide to prepare your heavenly bittersweet Cacao at home ↠↠↠