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How to make a cacao drink? Ceremonial cacao recipe

A secret ingredient to make a perfect Cacao elixir is intention!
What is it?

It’s nothing more than a positive thought, emotion, vibration which you “add” to your drink. It may seem strange, but we all know that food made with love (especially by grandmas!) is much healthier and tastier than something made just to stuff yourself before going to work.
So once you know our secret ingredient, it’s gonna be easy-peasy to make a perfect hot cacao drink!

Ceremonial cacao recipe

Ingredients for two people (it tastes better when shared with beloved ones!)

45-50g of Cacao (more about Cacao dose – HERE)
Glass of water
Glass of plant-based milk
Honey/maple syrup
Favourite spices
Pinch of salt

Step-by-step guide how to make perfect cacao drink
1. Smile and think about something that makes you happy (like with the Patronus summoning charm!)
2. Put water and plant-based milk into pan. Warm it up (don’t bring it to boil)
3. Add Cacao, salt and spices (I love cinnamon!)
4. Simmer for a while. Stir with the whisk until it’s fully dissolved.
5. Add honey and stir more for a foam at the top.
6. Serve in your favourite mug and enjoy!

To make the Cacao thicker, you can keep it on a stove for a little longer, so it evaporates. That’s what we do when we prepare the Cacao for our Ceremonies! And remember to drink a glass of water afterwards. Cacao contains a lot of fat, so it’s good to “flush it” with some water 🙂

You can find many people who claim that you should not use a blender or any device to prepare the cacao because it’s against the “tradition”. I feel that you should follow your own heart and use whatever is best for you during the process. The Ceremony is within you and that is what matters most: your mindset, your heart and your inner peace. We don’t follow any ancient traditions, we do create our own: set in our times. And TBH I strongly believe that Aztecs would use “the brewing” device if they could 🙂

Have a lovely Cacao time! Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings.

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