Plus Cacao

A bulletproof +Cacao (A treat for keto fans!)

Bulletproof Cacao, a ketogenic replacement for a traditional breakfast.

The history of this recipe begins in Tibet, where the American blogger Dave Asprey tasted the coffee served to him by the natives with butter and yak milk. Dave was intrigued by this recipe and the feeling he got in his body after consuming coffee like this. After returning to the US, he popularized the drink under the name of bulletproof coffee. It wasn’t until two years ago that I learned this story, when my biohacker friend, Karol, told me about it while preparing Cacao. I am always intrigued by how others like to celebrate their Cacao drink, and Karol presented me with a recipe for Bulletproof Cacao (a healthier variation of the coffee described above)! Below is my variation of this recipe.

Bulletproof Cacao recipe:

What do you need (for a serving for two of Bulletproof Cacao )?

-> 1 cup of water and plant milk
-> 20-25g Cacao
-> 1 tablespoon each of peanut butter, tahini, butter from other favorite nuts
-> optional: adaptogenic mushrooms, e.g. reishi, cordyceps, lions mane
-> 1 tablespoon of thick coconut milk cream
-> a pinch of salt and pepper
-> favorite spices

I prepare such a Cacao-meal in a jug blender:
Pour warm milk with water into a jug.
Add the rest of the ingredients.
Blend everything together.
Serve in your favorite mug.

Cacao prepared in this way will successfully replace your meal and cover your body’s breakfast caloric needs. In addition, this is a keto recipe, so you can be sure that after such a cup of Cacao, your blood insulin level will not skyrocket, which means that you will not become sleepy (as, for example, after pancakes or oatmeal)!

Listen to your body and see if this version of Cacao is for you!

P.S. And if you want a great recipe for a keto cake with blueberries and Cacao, click HERE.