Plus Cacao

Day-to-day self-awareness

Sometimes the inspiration comes unexpectedly. From the little things that surrounds us. When you learn to notice and interpret those signs you’ll possess the great knowledge about the life and its mechanisms. You’ll see how simply we can create our own happiness.

It all began with a strawberry! A little red fruit became an allegory for whatever you do (or plan to do) in your life.

Step 1 – Make a decision
I heard that the pick-your-own Strawberry Field near me is now open. So I decided to visit and supply myself with those tasty fruits. It was early in the morning and the weather wasn’t very inviting to go out. I struggled to get up, I thought about all the things that have to be done that day… Finally, I decided that I’m going- without  second thoughts, now!

Step 2 – Make a first step and act
Every great journey starts with the first step so I got to the car and I drove to the field. On the way, I still had all the things that have to be done in my head. I was thinking about the lack of time, that I’m in a constant rush. And then I saw it: the abundance of the fruits: colour, smell! It was simply amazing. Me, fresh air, sun, wind and strawberries! I was so happy that everything seemed so easy to be done that day.

Step 3 – Think out of the box
After coming back home, I knew what I have to do: multitask! I took my laptop to the kitchen and set it on the online course that I wanted to watch, I’ve prepared everything for making the dumplings, in the meantime, I’ve taken few photos for the Fanpage… Everything went smoothly and I even had time for making a few jars of homemade „What the Beatles sang about” 🙂

Step 4 – Share your experience with others
I’ve done my online learning, I’ve made 60 dumplings and 3 jars of homemade jam and it would be a crime not to share this beautiful moment with others. So I went to visit my friends and have a meal together! Smile on their faces was worth at least a million dollars!

Step 5 – Focus on what you’ve already done
And so I sit now in front of my laptop writing this story, happy because I’ve done so much today!
I spent time outside in the sun, I cleaned my kitchen, I cooked for me and my friends, I had an inspirational chat with them and I still have time for my evening yoga session!

Summarizing my strawberry story!

☘Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to get up and do things, but visualize yourself already doing it!
☘Think how will you feel, what will you experience, what will you tell yourself in the evening after the whole day full of positive energy
☘Don’t rush – if you focus on creating an abundance around you the Universe will support your actions. You’ll find out that you have enough time and energy for whatever you plan.
☘Multitasking will give you even more time and space for new/extra commitments.
☘Focus on what you have done, how great you did today, congratulate yourself for every action.Reward
yourself with a hot Cacao with cream on top!
☘Don’t pay attention to the things you’ve left behind (probably it wasn’t the best time to do it).



Remember that each day teaches us a lesson and it is only up to us if we learn it or not.

Be kind to yourself! It can truly change your life <3