Plus Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao dosage

A frequently asked question is the   amount of Cacao per serving. 

I recommend starting with 15-20g and listening to your body: do I need more or less? Every body is different and so will its needs.
Also consider this as a practice of self-observation! 
Can you read the signs coming from your own body?

You can use Cacao every day. If you feel it is working too hard, simply reduce the amount to 10g per serving. It’s better to “make it weaker”and drink another portion after some time, than to overdo it and have digestive problems (Cacao contains about 52-54% fat, so in higher doses it can be heavy on the stomach and liver).
Also remember to hydrate before and after drinking – Cacao has cleansing properties, so it is worth helping to get rid of “waste” from the cells with a little liquid.

There are also questions about the “ceremonial dose”.

I must disappoint you, because in my experience there is no specific ceremonial dose!

During our Cacao Meetings aka Ceremonies, we serve Cacao in two rounds, approx. 20g of Cacao per person, and the effect is as strong as if we were struck by a bright thunder: there is uncontrollable laughter, spontaneous dance, musical improvisation (then you feel the pulse of life).


For comparison, every day for 4 years I drink 25g of Cacao in the morning and sit in silence and concentration by the fire, with a book or just sit and celebrate the moment.

In my experience, it’s not the dose of Cacao that matters, but whether you’re ready to focus your own energy and attention on your intention? Can you use your own inner resources to unleash your infinite potential?

Cacao is not a golden mean, it doesn’t have all the answers to your questions. Cacao is your companion, it is an invitation to travel. Will you take it?

If so, remember that the amount of grams is just a number that has nothing to do with your feelings after meeting with Cacao (unless you drink 60g at a time and your stomach hurts…)


So to sum up: the right dose of Cacao means something different for everyone. So look for your perfect consistency, your way of Cacao. This is the freedom of choice we are talking about!