Plus Cacao

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao, in my experience, is such a substance that combines beautifully with various creative activities. For example, some people organize meetings with painting mandalas and Cacao, sound bath (bowls, gongs, etc.), Cacao and dancing (5 rhythms) or with conversation and sharing in a supportive circle.

As both Konrad and I are musicians (and we deeply feel the vibration and the message conveyed by sound, word, vibration), our meetings are always under the sign of Music + Cacao.

And what’s so special about it, you may ask. For some, it may be “just” Music + Cacao. And for us “as much as” Music + Cacao!

Because a melody, a single note, repetitive words, sound and vibration are a stream of possibilities to open up to yourself. 

We are surrounded by information, noise and noise from everywhere.

However, when you sit in a circle where the rule is that we don’t talk (yes, you read that right, WE DON’T TALK) we only communicate through song, be silent, be a look… Then, in such a space, you can hear more, feel more, you can want to hear yourself and your voice.

I realize that such meetings may not appeal to everyone, because we focus on the independence of the participants and their willingness to go deeper, and at the same time we do it with a sense of ease and freedom, without pomposity, without unnecessary beautiful words.

If you want to know more, here is a short video from one of the meetings 

You can listen to the music we perform here: 

If you feel that you want to take part in such a meeting or have any questions, join the FB group “+ Cacao Headquarters” there you will be up to date with all meetings and news.

spiritual cacao ceremony

P.S. If you feel like you want to open your throat (sing, talk freely, scream) this is the place! With the support of a professional Konrad, you will be brighter, and the whole process will run in an “all is welcome here” atmosphere

PPS. We hear different things about the Cacao ceremonies, but be sure that Cacao is flowing with us and there is always a refill for those willing!