Cacao ceremony

cacao ceremony

Meeting with Cacao is a great alternative to the weekend alcoholic-parties. The Ceremony is a sacred space which we create to find a better connection with life, ourselves and others…

We organise evenings with live music, game-nights, themed parties or story telling. Even a sky is not a limit for our creativity when it comes to Cacao.
We make a good use of the Cacao energy to discover our artistic and creative potential.
But there is much more behind this dark, bitter plant…

cacao ritual

Cacao can act as an open gate to the inner and/or divine world. It has been like that for centuries, since the ancient Aztecs time. It is known as a “medicine of the heart” – it helps you to take a glance within, open your heart and shine bright. Cacao spirit is strong, and you can work with it on a Ceremony or at home.
If you focus on your intention, it will guide you through the whole process.

During our spiritual meetings, we brew the Cacao with the consciousness, and we boost it with a good juju.
Every meeting is different. Sometimes we work with mantras, sometimes with meditations, sometimes it’s a blend of both.
We use different tools as Kundalini Yoga, Gestalt Practice, Active Visualization and a lot more.
We sing, we dance, we talk… We open ourselves for whatever is needed at this particular moment. We go with a flow.

spiritual cacao ceremony

If you like the idea, follow us and be up-to-date with our +Cacao Ceremonies.

Written by Justyna