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What is CACAO

What is CACAO (Theobroma Cacao) and what’s the difference between it and cocoa?

There is a story once told about the Aztecs (who believed that the Cacao is the food of the Gods):

“They believed that Cacao is of divine origin: the cacao tree was a bridge between earth and heaven. Cacao beans were given to priest’s assistants at children’s coming of age ceremonies. During marriage ceremonies, the couple drank a symbolic cup of chocolate and exchanged cacao beans. Aztecs believed that drinking chocolate gave mortals some of Quetzalcoatl’s (God of learning and of the wind) wisdom”
(Coe, S. & Coe, M. The true history of chocolate. Thames & Hudson, 1996)

That (and more scientific facts) brings us to the conclusion that the thing you buy in a grocery store is not CACAO but COCOA.

The difference in spelling is small, but it’s huge when it comes to the nutrient value and the production method.
Cacao is made from fermented beans processed at low temperatures and then milled into a paste. After harvest, the Cacao ferments on site for nearly a week. During the process enzymes (responsible for the rich taste, the unforgetable flavour and the great nutrients) are created.

Moreover, because of the low temperature of processing, Cacao is rich in disease-fighting plant compounds: including flavanols, which have antioxidant (heart protective and anti-cancer properties). It’s also a good source of iron, fiber, and magnesium.
After the fermentation, the Cacao is dried outside on the sun drying houses.

Then the Cacao is being grounded into a thick liquid (all the fibers are filtered and smoothed out). It’s hardened into the paste and in this form it comes to us-
PlusCacao team.
Cocoa powder is processed at a much higher temperature (and often packaged cocoa contains added sugar and dairy). It’s less bitter, but has less nutritional value as well.

So if you want a product that really supports your body (heart, brain, skin and many more),
is organic and additives-free go crazy about Cacao with us!

We promise: nothing added, nothing taken away AKA 100% Mother Nature!

If you like some sweet stuff you can always add some honey or maple syrup into
your portion of tasty Cacao.
And remember: once you go Cacao you’ll never come back!!!

Below you can find a nutrient value of the Raw Theobroma Cacao: