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Cacao in Skincare

Spring is the perfect new beginning!
Aren’t you excited when it comes and you can take care of your skin condition after the winter?

Unfortunately, lack of sun and covering yourself with a million layers of jumpers and blankets doesn’t help to maintain a healthy looking skin.
But what about the support for the inside of the body? Let’s take a closer look into that, shall we?

Skin is the largest organ in the human body (an adult’s skin counts as roughly 16% of total body mass and covers an area of nearly 2 square meters!!!)

Together with hair, nails, glands and nerves, it creates a system which is a protective barrier between the outside and the inside of the body.

Skin thickness and texture differs in different parts of the body. Also, different skin colour and tone influence the ways and methods of treatment, care.
But no matter what type, colour or tone of skin you have one thing is certain: you need to provide possibly the best nutrients to support your skin from the inside. That will benefit in the outside look of it! How does the pure Cacao help us to achieve the healthy look? Let’s see…

As I mentioned in previous articles, Cacao is possibly one of the greatest heroes when it comes to fighting premature aging and its symptoms. With the superpower of antioxidants, Cacao protects and repairs the skin from damage.


The pure Cacao is filled with flavanols, which are plant-derived natural antioxidants which improve vascular health (maintain elasticity of arteries and veins), increase the good cholesterol and lower blood pressure. All that work on account of the skin to look vibrant and youthful. Moreover, all the healthy compounds, which Cacao contains, protect the skin against the environmental stressors (UV, wind, pollution etc.)

Cacao’s anti-inflammatory features cause the redness and blemishes to soothe, which is visible in a skin complexion. Cacao butter (the natural oil derived from the cacao seed) is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which rejuvenate the skin and make it look fresh and glowing. A good blood circulation is crucial because the blood carries oxygen and nutrients. It also helps to get rid of waste and free radicals. Poor blood circulation effects in dry and unhealthy look (and condition) of the skin.

So from now on, let’s take care of our protective barrier!
Drink Cacao at least 3 times a week (desirably once daily).
Treat yourself and remember that your body is your temple, your „vehicle” to travel through life – keep it strong and healthy.

Stay positive and glow 🏵🏵🏵