Plus Cacao

+CACAO Ceremonies

+Cacao Ceremony is a sacred space which we create to find a better connection with life, ourselves and others…

In this space, Cacao represents a spirit of the nature and it helps remind us about our true origin: fact, that we are energetical beings, who are a part of this large natural ecosystem. Our roots reach deep into Mother Earth and minds are open for a new perspective and creativity which comes from a cosmic sunlight.

We make a good use of the Cocoa energy to discover our artistic and creative potential. That’s why, the inherent parts of the Ceremony are a circle of hands & souls, a deep internal journey guided by Cacao and live music.

We invite you to join us in that journey to find deeper connection with our aim and with our souls. It would be a great pleasure to have you here with us.

With love,

Justyna & Konrad