Plus Cacao

Special Time=Happy Pit-stop

Feeling happy depends on many different factors. But one is certain – we play a great role in creating our happiness. We do it by our lifestyle, our actions: how we behave in the daily life, how we take care of our body and what habits we have.

Let’s take a closer look at our actions, which can bring us to widely understood happiness, harmony and piece of mind.

Nowdays we live on a constant run. We rush to work, back home to children, to the bank/post office etc. We often forget about a small break (bu break I don’t mean a quick coffee in Costa or a nap in the train back home!).

I’m thinking about something special. A special time, which we can call Happy Pit-stop!

Happy Pit-stop is a space when each day you dedicate some time to yourself. It should be a moment to relax and re-charge. It doesn’t mean it has to be a lonely time. It all depends on your needs. The easy way to create such moment is to make yourself a cup of a nice aromatic Cacao and celebrate it, “here and now”. Every Happy Pit-stop begins with the first step! It doesn’t have to take much time, make it 20 minutes. It’s enough! Just make sure it’s 20min of a quality time spent with the most interesting person you’ll ever know- YOU.

And when you get used to it and that kind of treating yourself gets in your blood, you can spread the word about it among others. It will bring you a lot of satisfaction – I guarantee 🙂

Of course, there are other ways to make Happy Pit-stop: you can read a book, go for a run, speak with your friend or listen to your favourite music. Anything that will make you relaxed and focused on yourself will be good.

But why did I mention Cacao at the first place? Because with the Cacao we come to the second point of creating a happiness in our lives: taking care of our body.

A good nutrition is known to be a key for a physical and mental well-being. With the Cacao we supply our body with compounds called flavanols. They improve the cerebral blood flow (increases blood flow to gray matter in the brain) and act as a strong anti-inflammatory elements.

Moreover, Cacao indicates the release of endorphins in our brain. Tyrosine (a precursor to dopamine) and tryptophan (precursor to serotonin) are neurotransmitters which are responsible for a good mood and feeling of happiness.

An interesting fact was discovered by Dr. David Lewis of the Mind Lab (funded by Cadbury). He claims that Cacao provides “A buzz that, in many cases, lasted four times as long as a most passionate kiss”.

Not only, Cacao consumption may decrease symptoms of a chronic fatigue syndrome, but also it can influence depression and anxiety syndromes, as the observation of patients who consumed 50 grams of dark chocolate for three days had shown.

But the scientific facts aside! We are all familiar with terms dopamine and serotonin. They are commonly known as a happiness hormones. Let’s treat our body with a daily dose of those miracle ingredients. It’s not so hard as you can imagine and every great journey starts with the first step.

HERE you only have to choose the Cacao and set off for this great adventure to make your body, mind and spirit strong, healthy and happy.

Bottoms up ❣