Plus Cacao

Cacao supports heart 💓💓💓

As we all know, the heart is a very important organ (you don’t say!). It is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body, supplying us with oxygen and nutrients, getting rid of carbon dioxide. All those processes take place via the circulatory system.

It is crucial to keep our heart in a good condition. A poor diet and stressful lifestyle can lead to certain heart diseases. Speaking of which, doctors call them a cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease generally means a condition that involves narrowed or blocked blood vessels. Those can cause heart attack, angina or stroke.

How to keep the heart strong and healthy? A good nutrition is a key (+physical activity)! Certain products can supply us with necessary nutrients, but we will focus on the healing features of the pure Cacao.

The Cacao is rich in polyphenols, which show the antioxidant function. What does it mean? Simply, they help to prevent a fast cell damage.

The Cacao also contains a great level of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese. But what does it exactly mean for us? Let’s take a closer look into each of those minerals.

• influences muscle function, including relaxing of the blood vessels
• lowers blood pressure
• conducts electrical signals in the nervous system and heart
• works against an irregular heartbeat

• regulates blood pressure and blood sugar
• supports relaxing of blood vessels
• helps with the energy production

• keeps the healthy blood pressure level
• regulates the blood vessel tightening and relaxing
• crucial for the hormones and enzymes release

• takes part in the red blood cells formation
• helps keep healthy blood vessels
• supports iron absorption
• lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

• helps produce hemoglobin
• reduces risk of anemia (A condition in which the body have too few red blood cells or they are too small. It makes it harder for oxygen to circulate throughout the body)

• helps metabolize cholesterol and amino acids

• supports blood clotting
• helps with cell division and protein production

As you can see there are many functions that those elements are responsible for. It is crucial to supplement your body with those minerals to maintain a great heart condition.

Also decreasing a stress level is mandatory for keeping body, mind and soul healthy.
That’s why we suggest drinking a dose of the pure Cacao daily. It will not only provide your body
with all the macro- and microelements needed, but also ease your nerves and release a tension from your inner self. 

An easy way to start taking a good care of yourself!