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Facts & Myths about Cacao Rituals

It is worth believing in everything that is written on the internet about Cacao (and not only!) - MYTH!!!

The information you will find on our blog and website comes from our own experiences and “tests” on ourselves. However, if you feel that your body needs additional care (because you are taking any medications or are after a serious surgery), it is worth consulting a specialist before using Cacao.
It is always better to ask and seek advice from someone who has deeper knowledge about your health!
Although our knowledge base on various drugs/diseases in combination with Cacao is growing, you are the one responsible for your full health 🙂 Isn’t it beautiful?

All ceremonial Cacao is raw - MYTH

As the name suggests, raw products are unprocessed in any way. Ceremonial Cacao is obtained from fermented, sun-dried (and often also roasted) cacao beans. I came across real raw Cacao in Peru and I have to say that there’s massive difference in taste. First of all, if the fermentation proces is conducted properly, the grains releases the tannins, and thus the deep Cacao aroma and all flavor notes. In our store, the Cacao is Real, Pure and Ceremonial, but we do not offer raw Cacao.

Cacao is not suitable for pregnant women and children - MYTH

Many of my friends used Cacao regularly during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the first trimester in lower doses, due to gastrointestinal sensations. Then regularly, with more liquid than Cacao, but it perfectly suited the needs of the body, which has a second passenger to feed 🙂

During our ceremonies, we meet many mothers with their children who eagerly drink Cacao in a circle. I recommend listening to your body, observing yourself and your baby. You don’t have to drink Cacao in liters at once, but you can prepare a smaller portion with more water or (plant) milk.

Cow's milk should not be used to prepare Cacao - TRUTH/MYTH

From a chemical point of view, it’s true: proteins contained in animal milk block the absorption of compounds contained in Cacao (I’m happy to send you a pdf with research on this topic).

From the point of view of free will: make yourself the Cacao you like most, with or without milk, with honey or pumpkin syrup! Your choice 🙂

Special preparation is required to create the Cacao Ceremony - TRUTH/MYTH

It is worth remembering about the attitude and mood for your Ceremony. The right approach is the key to success, and Cacao is a beautiful portal to unleash creativity. So if you feel like you want to prepare Cacao for your loved ones and friends – do it! You can sit in a circle, sing, dance or play sharades. This is your meeting, your celebration/ceremony! You don’t need any training or certifications to share your time and mindfulness with others.

When it comes to organizing a Ceremony for a larger group of people, if you feel ready to host such a meeting – do it! Think about the preparation of Cacao, the subject of the meeting, what you will be doing. You have a lot of inner-knowledge and potential that is worth sharing with others. If you want to talk or consult about your first group Cacao Ceremony, we are here for you:

Cacao opens the heart, heals, frees from traumas, etc. - MYTH

I know this may come as a shock to you, but Cacao itself does not have such magical powers. YOU have them, and Cacao can be your support. You are the beginning of your path and you decide whether you want to open up, heal or get to know yourself better. Nothing that comes from outside is as powerful as your conscious decision.

Want to open your heart? Cool! Ask yourself what does this mean for you? Why is it closed? Are you ready to meet your emotions or what you have pushed inside? Yes? So invite your readiness and a cup of Cacao on this journey to open your heart! (or any other process you want to run) And how to do it? You can meditate, write, scream, cry. You can do anything, as long as you know that you have the power to heal, and Cacao only supports you in this.

More facts and myths coming soon!