Plus Cacao

There are many different ceremonial cacao recipes: with a blender, in a jar, but we will start with the basic one: cacao in a pan!… […]

For the beginning I would start with…[…]

I love healthy snacks for a few reasons: they’re healthy, tasty and you don’t have to… […]

I wanted something sweet but not too sweet. This is how I came across the […]

Meeting with Cacao is a great alternative to the weekend alcoholic-parties. The Ceremony is a sacred space which we create to find a better connection with life, ourselves and others… […]

Sacred by the Aztecs and rediscovered for today, Theobroma Cacao is the superfood, that stands as a delicious organic coffee

There is a story once told about the Aztecs (who believed that the Cacao is the food of the Gods):[…]

Theobroma Cacao can (and should!!!) be used in daily life. Why?
Because of all the advantages it brings to your body![…]

All parents want the best for their children. Most of the children don’t realize that. Especially when it comes to health and diet.[…]

You deserve some luxury. Something extraordinary. A great mesmerizing experience. You can have it all in one. And you don’t even have to leave your house![…]

That is how I came up with this five-step Guide to Happiness. And now I’ll share it with you! […]

Spring came finally <3 And I was so excited about it until I saw my skin condition after the winter. Unfortunately, lack of sun and covering yourself with a million layers of jumpers and blankets doesn’t help to […]

As we all know, the heat is a very important organ in a human body. It is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body, supplying us […]

Feeling happy depends on many different factors. But one is certain – we play a great role in creating our happiness. We do it mostly by our lifestyle: how do we act, behave and how do we take care of our body. Let’s take a closer look[…]